Rental Policies

Tenant Qualification Guidlines

Proof of income / employment --or-- University enrollment

Monthly salary at least 3 times monthly rent

Non-adverse former landlord reference

Non-adverse employer reference

Decent credit: verified with an Expreian credit check report, currently $9.95, paid by the applicant. Credit report is not kept by the landlord, but rather is given to the applicant after it is run and reviewed. A credit report is not run (applicant is not charged) unless all other qualifications are acceptable.

Dog Policy
who looks after the dog? Landlord will avoid any situation where the dog is left in the house or apartment for long periods of time unsupervised (for example, when the dog is left alone from 8 am to 6 pm). This includes "crating" the dog for more than a 2 hour period.

1 dog maximum

weight cannot exceed 15 pounds

cannot be, or be partially, of the breeds:

cannot have a bite history (documented history of biting people or other pets)

landlord has to meet the pet

landlord may reject a pet for any reason (for example, if the dog reacts badly to the landlord (e.g. barking, growling, etc...), or anyone else at the time of the meeting.

due to the expense of refinishing wood floors stained by feces and urine, or other damage caused by the animal, an additional half month's rent is required as security deposit, in addition to the normal security deposit.

as with any noise caused by the tenant, if other tenants complain to the landlord more than twice, the tenant responsible for the noise will in all likelyhood be asked to vacate the apartment.

Cats accepted